Tesla’s small SUV is just around the corner. Now one internet sleuth has unearthed some of the key details for Australia.

Australian details for the 2022 Tesla Model Y SUV have appeared on social media via an online sleuth that is known for unearthing accurate information about the specialist US electric car maker.

While pricing and exact timing for Australian versions of 2022 Tesla Model Y are yet to be released, some tantalising details have leaked.

The reputable Veda Prime – an Australian based Tesla fanatic who tracks key developments of Tesla vehicles – has published what is claimed to be the battery capacities for the upcoming Australia-bound Tesla Model Y city SUV.

While Tesla does not customarily list the battery capacity of its vehicles – or the power output of its electric motors – documents filed with government authorities tend to expose such details.

Veda Prime did not disclose where it sourced its information, but has proved to be accurate in the past.

On the Veda Prime Twitter account it is claimed there will be three grades of the 2022 Tesla Model Y in Australia – the same as China, and one more than the US which only has two levels.

The Veda Prime Twitter post said: “Tesla Model Y coming to Australia/NZ, a battery pack size of 62.28kWh for SR & 82.8kWh for LR/P has been registered. 360v nom voltage.”

Translated: the 2022 Tesla Model Y Standard Range is said to have a 62.28kWh battery pack (just shy of the 64kWh capacity of the Hyundai Kona and Kia Niro EVs).

Meanwhile, the 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range and the 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance are expected to share an 82.8kWh battery pack.

The battery packs in all three vehicles will be 360-volt rather than 400-volt as per the US.

The same Twitter post by Veda Prime claimed all three examples of the 2022 Tesla Model Y will have a maximum braked towing capacity of 1600kg (750kg unbraked), which is similar to small petrol-powered SUVs.

Veda Prime also claimed the 2022 Tesla Model Y Standard Range and Long Range will run 19- and 20-inch wheel and tyre combinations, while the 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance will be available with a 21-inch wheel and tyre package.

Just how much driving range these battery capacity numbers equate to remains to be seen.

In Australia, Tesla has most recently been quoting the more accurate WLTP (real world) driving range estimates.

In China, Tesla uses optimistic NEDC driving range estimates.

Tesla China claims the 2022 Tesla Model Y Standard Range can travel up to 525km between recharges, the 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range can travel up to 640km, and the 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance is capable of 566km.

These figures are much higher than what Tesla Australia claims for the Model 3 sedan, which has prompted experts to estimate the 2022 Tesla Model Y will have close to or better than the following driving ranges: Standard Range 448km, Long Range 580km, Performance 567km.

As of today, the Tesla Australia website only lists an estimated driving range of 505km for the 2022 Tesla Model Y, indicating a 10 per cent improvement over the Tesla Model 3 driving range could be possible.

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