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The Online Platform that helps Tradies and their Family, buy and sell Vehicles Faster and Easier.
  1. Sell vehicle’s on our website for free.
  2. Its 100% FREE. It cost you $0.00.
  3. It exposes your Vehicle to over 1000+ daily social media users and groups
  4. We assist all buyers come up with your FULL ASKING PRICE. No Excuses for buyers to cut price
  5. Saves you on Holding Fees such as depreciation, Insurance, registration fees, outstanding finance repayments, storage, or parking fees
  6. Our Pre-Approval system finds ‘Cashed up buyers’ looking for your vehicle
  7. Our team of advisors can be contacted anytime.
  8. Options to sell your vehicle with a warranty at no cost to you.


Our Game changer let’s Private sellers have the opportunity to get the price they deserve when trying to sell their vehicle. Stop losing a heap of Money because of ridiculous offers or Trade in prices.

Our Process:

When you advertise on our site, you get your very own Warranty and brokering service to assist any potential buyer get the Warranty and Finance they need to buy your vehicle. Costs you $0.00. We get the Buyers pre-Approved for the actual selling price you prefer. Because Buyers are pre-approved and ready to buy, wait for us to assist the buyer get the finance and warranty for your vehicle at your pre-negotiated price, sell your car and wait for the money to enter your bank account. It’s that easy.


We provide WARRANTY OPTIONS on your vehicle to be sold. And Warranty can be Financed, meaning that the buyer has reassurance that your vehicle is good to go.

Just like dealership, our clients advertise for FREE on our Website, have their own personalised finance expert assisting in the sale of their Vehicle, making the selling process even easier, and with better returns.

All you need to do is….

  1. You Log in to www.Tradiewheels.com.au for FREE. Place your vehicle for sale for FREE $0.
  2. Your Ad is then placed on a Multiple social media and other marketing Platforms for FREE $0. No cost to you.
  3. Buyer sees your AD and sends an enquiry.
  4. Our Customer Service Team assists the buyer with their interest in your car and provides them with re-assurance of cheaper Finance Rates, along with Warranty options for your Vehicle… FREE $0
  5. Once the Customer is ready to buy, we introduce the buyer to you. This also eliminates ‘Time Wasters’ offering ridiculous offers in the hope they steal a bargain from you… Once again, FREE $0
  6. You sell your vehicle and receive the money you deserve from the buyer.
  7. You get to move on and buy your next vehicle, or simply enjoy the money you just banked…




The difference with our Marketing is our Search Engine Optimisation techniques. Our Team of dedicated Marketing Gurus, allow your Vehicle to be seen on multiple Social and Marketing Platforms daily. This marketing technique can cost you money with the other Car selling websites because, simply…They can be cheeky and know you really have little choice when it comes to competing with other sellers. Other Free vehicle websites simply have your vehicle sitting in a line-up of a thousand other vehicles similar to yours, making your Ad look less appealing…and just sitting there, hoping that someone even looks at it, let alone MAKE YOU AN OFFER…Our Platform is 100% FREE Advertising. And is seen by anyone on Social Media, meaning ‘nearly everyone in Australia.”

 MIKEY DIOKLES, President of TradieWheels.com.au


We go through extensive factory training so that we may provide you with the knowledge you need to make an educated decision in choosing the vehicle that is right for your lifestyle.

  • Stress-free finance & Warranty department.
  • Robust selection of popular vehicles.
  • Sell with a warranty. Piece of Mind selling and Buying.
  • 1000+ offers on site, trusted by Aussie’s Nationwide.
  • Maintain your vehicle to stay safe on the road
  • We know how to handle a wide range of car services.

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Mark Perkich
Director and Compliance Officer
Sarah Odegard
Finance & Warranty
Lars Jakuba
Team Manager
Mikey Diokles and team
Sales Manager and Admin